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Binge - Food And Restaurant Discovery App - Test

by Binge

Binge is a food discovery app that allows you to discover new, trending, all time...

Binge is a food discovery app that allows you to discover new, trending, all time favorite eats around the city. We sort the restaurant rankings according to our user feedback perspective to provide you with trusted review and rating of a restaurant. Whether, you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Binge is here to assist you in answering your what to eat about quickly and efficiently. Indulge in different cuisines in the city and share them with family and friends through bucket list of restaurants you saved. Unsatisfied with the service or food quality? Binge app allows you to give feedback instantly. Your valuable feedback will be directed to the restaurant management and be followed up for any issues that arise. Help them understand your opinion and help restaurant continue to improve in providing you better food and service quality. Binge is continuously working hard to expand its effort to every city possible in the world. For us, it is our mission to provide you with different cultures of food around the world.Features:Discover Eats at Binge is easy - Easy Steps for You!- Open the app and you be directed to our recommended screen where you can discover eats through trending, new, all time and new deals chart. - We provide as much information as we can in our restaurant profile listing, where breakdowns of feedback category is shown. Restaurant will provide videos of their best sellers, full updated menus, latest in-store promotions, contact for bookings, and other information needed for you to make a decision before choosing your restaurant.- The Restaurant Profile Listing includes Google integrated map for you to quickly en-route to the restaurant location. - Share Restaurants with friends and family from a click of a button and dine-in together. What could be more memorable than indulging great eats with your close ones.Keywords: Binge, eat, discovery, food, restaurant, feedback, food app, Binge app, munch, Bingenow, munchnow, eatdrinkkl, eatdrink, bars, inyourcity, city, cook, delivery, food delivery, scan, share, food porn, brunch, eat out, takeaway, drink, food and drink, bucket list, menu, discount, rewards, feedback.

15 Feb - 18 Feb

Android 3.2 - 8.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable

My Shared Receipts - 2.10(1.9)


Who Owes Who and How Much. My dad pays for me so get it from...

Who Owes Who and How Much. My dad pays for me so get it from him. It's Transferred to Tom. Get it from Tom. Add an event and people all at once. Search events by event's name, event's detail or people's name in events. Add receipts to any event by selecting payer, payees, description of the receipt ,amount and an optional photo of a receipt. See all receipts in one place and tap on each receipt to see details about it. You can add new people to the payees list. Delete a person from a receipt and see the optional image of a receipt, if there is one. Search receipts by payer's name, receipt's date and receipt description. See each individual's share in the selected event by just tapping the appropriate person's name in People tab. Pay off all debts or even partial amount with a single swipe. Tap on information button to reveal more details about that particular share . Add people from other events to the select event in People tab. To create family just tap on the Family button in People tab then pick members for the chosen head. Family members do not owe anyone including their head. All shares are payable to/from each family's head. Transfer share to a different person: If Brian doesn't see Tom frequently and Tom owes Brian, the share can be transferred to a third person. Now Tom pays the middle person and s/he will pay Brian. All happens without you noticing. Simple tap on Tom or Brian names to see the share between these two people. Tap on that row and pick the middle man. For more help, visit

12 Feb - 5 Mar

iOS 8.0 -